Inside Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black’s surprise baby shower

Tom Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black were thrown a surprise baby shower in London on Saturday.

The Olympic diver, 23, and US screenwriter, 43, are expecting a baby boy via surrogate later this year.

Ahead of the impending arrival, the pair and their pals threw a huge celebration.

Tom shared a string of happy snaps on his Instagram stories, including one showing a huge table expertly covered in cupcakes, sandwiches and other sweet treats.

A second shots shows the loved-up pair posing in plastic gold glasses with ‘Oh baby’ written on them while they sip out of baby bottles.

They were also rocking ‘Daddy to be’ sashes over their outfits.

On Valentine’s Day the couple revealed they’re expecting their first child together, and last month revealed the baby’s sex.

But their announcement was marred by criticism over using a surrogate.

Addressing the critics, Tom later compared their situation to that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West who welcomed Chicago via a surrogate earlier this year.

"People almost felt sorry for her that she’s not able to have a child because of health reasons, how lovely it is that a surrogate has been willing to do that," he said of the reality star on Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast.

"But for every other gay couple that isn’t able to have a child but desperately would love to bring up a child, just like any heterosexual couple, we have been treated quite differently," he continued.

"There are lots of people in this world that can’t have kids, whether it’s due to fertility issues or health issues, whatever it may be.

"I don’t think there would be as much drama if it was a straight couple."

Tom, 23, and Lance, 43, got married in Devon in May 2017, four years after meeting at an industry event.

Last year Tom told the Mirror he wants an ‘army of kids’.

“We’re not planning to have children immediately, but we do want them in the future," he said in October last year.

“I’ve always been a ­family person so I’ve always wanted kids, and I know Lance does, too. I don’t know how many – an army of kids, a whole diving team.

"We’re both lucky to have supportive families and we want to share that with our own children."

Dustin also recently found himself hitting back at suggestions his baby with Tom will suffer by being brought up by two men.

Appearing on BBC Radio Five Live, Dustin explained that he has no intention of shielding his son from the positive influence of women.

A listener said: "I don’t think two blokes can bring a baby up, you need the mother there."

Dustin answered: "There’s all different kinds of families out there in the world and for many many different reasons, some more tragic than others.

He continued: "Children are raised by single parents all the time, and those children, I’d like to claim myself as one who was raised by a single mother for some difficult reasons, I think I had a very strong mother who raised me incredibly well and I think, you know,

"Will it be important that our son meet women in his life? Absolutely, absolutely and that will be there, it would be wrong to deprive a child of that and frankly bizarre and probably impossible."

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