International Women's Day 2019: How Celebs are Paying Tribute to Women Everywhere

The actress addressed an encouraging Instagram post to all her joyful warriors out there, writing, “Whether you’re ?marching, ??dancing, ?rising, ✊?resisting, ?protesting, ?striking, ❤️uniting or ?celebrating, wishing you all a wonderful #internationalwomensday!”

In honor of this year’s IWD, Lipa called on governments worldwide to commit to protecting women’s rights around the world. “Now is the time to stand with women’s movements like never before,” the singer wrote on Instagram. “Shout out to all the incredible women around the world and fighting for change. I love you.”

“Looks at this little but mighty lady ??????,” the actress wrote on Instagram about her new baby girl Banks Violet Blair. “Who run the world???!!! GIRLS! #happyinternationalwomensday Never settle for less, know your worth, and BE BOLD! We make it allll happen and nobody better forget it!!!!!! ???????????????”

The model put a spotlight on her mother and five sisters in an Instagram post that said, “I feel so blessed that I got to grow up surrounded by six incredible women: my mom, and my five sisters. We are all so different, but we complement one another, and we help each other grow! As women we are naturally empathetic, loving and caring. We nurture life! Today and every day, I celebrate all women. Let’s support and lift each other up! We are stronger when we are together. ?❤?”

The actress used her platform to support the Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund, a coalition that prevents conflict, responds to crises, and seizes on peacebuilding opportunities for women. “Wherever there is crisis and uncertainty, there is always a woman standing stoically by with answers and solutions,” Bell wrote on Instagram. “On this #WomensDay, I’m joining @wphfund to support and celebrate baller women who are changing the ? and building peace in their communities.”

The mother of five had a special message for her two daughters Stella and Hattie on IWD. “Today I honor the two amazing female humans that I’m blessed enough to call my daughters,” Spelling wrote on Instagram. “I love you Stella and Hattie beyond words. You are magical passionate driven creatures. The fire that burns so bright in your beautiful little beings is incredibly inspirational and aspirational. I admire both of you and love raising strong empowered women! Always be you!”

The actor posted a heartwarming photo of three generations of women in his life, mother-in-law Adrienne Banfield-Jones, wife Jada Pinkett and daughter Willow, and captioned it, “Happy International Women’s Day!”

The actress and her baby girl Rani Rose posted a sweet Instagram video to wish everyone a happy International Women’s Day. “To all the women out there,” Hudson said in the video, while Rani Rose sat on her lap. “We celebrate you and all that you do and all that you are, we love you!”

The singer paid homage to her “favorite bad a– b-tches! ?”, including Jane Fonda, Beyoncé, Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper and Ariana Grande.

The father of four honored the women in his life with an Instagram post featuring wife Victoria and daughter Harper that was captioned, “♥️ Today we celebrate International Women’s Day .. I’m so blessed to have these amazing women in my life, they inspire me every single day .. Happy International Women’s Day to all the inspirational women around the world ♥️ #IWD ♥️”

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