The Internet Is Being *Very* Mean About Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

Fact: Meghan Markle looked like a Disney princess on her wedding day.

Also a fact: Some people didn’t *love* her dress!? And as is internet custom, the most vocal haters took to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the gown.

Am I the only person who thinks Meghan’s dress is boring? (beautifully made and classic though) but BORING! ? #royalwedding

Meghan Markles dress was the biggest anti-climax of this year tbh.

Meghan looks beautiful but that dress is basic. Auntie if you’re going to use my tax money please put it to better use

I ❤️ #MeghanMarkle..But boring dress, ill fitted, no bra, hair not perfect… Where were stylists? Where were her people ? @EOnlineUK #RoyalWedding #Givenchy #MeghanAndHarry #MeghanAndHarry #RoyalWedding

I’m sorry Meghan Markle is stunning but £300,000 for a dress that simple I was expecting bigger things lol?✋?

Meghan is too peng but her dress is tired man.

And, of course, people had to compare Meghan’s look to Kate Middleton’s — and unfavorably, at that!

I’m going to say it, Kate Middleton’s dress was levels. Meghan looks stunning, but Kate wins the gown battle. #RoyalWedding

And of course, the always perfect Gary Janetti, shared his perfect takedown via his muse, Prince George:

“I wonder when she’s going to change into her dress.”

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Thankfully Twitter also brought this bit of TRUTH:

@ everyone saying her dress is boring or underwhelming: meghan markle doesn‘t need a dress to shine she radiates beauty #RoyalWedding

Happy wedding day, Princess Meghan! (And yes, I know she’s not technically a princess, but also she kinda is, so yeah. I’m gonna call her a princess!)

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