Introducing A Brand-New Look For Zimbio

Pssst, notice something different?

Like trends and conversations in pop culture that are constantly shifting, brands evolve too. So, we decided to shake off our old look and make a few (and, let’s face it, overdue) changes to our site — and create a brand new logo that is as up-to-date as our readers. Ya, dig? We do, too. 

Ahem, drum roll, please…. 

Our new logo was created by in-house senior designer Rafael Hidalgo, who wanted to modernize the brand experience, and more closely align with who we are — a fun, authoritative resource for pop culture fans who want a fix on the latest TV, movie, and celebrity news.

“Our logo was definitely in need of a modern update,” Hidalgo says. “Making the logo hand-drawn gives it a more unique, authentic look and more personality.” 

We also ditched the darker blue highlight color, and opted for a bolder, cleaner look that ties in nicely with the content our readers love. “I wanted the logo to better capture our voice and who we are — fun, bold, smart, and approachable,” Hidalgo says.  

We hope this new look improves the reader experience and aligns with our vision for the future. As always, the editors of Zimbio remain dedicated to sparking interesting pop culture conversations, delivering passionately written content, and offering up a space for you to geek out over the things you love.

Thanks for sticking with us. You won’t regret it. 

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