’Irritated’ Jacqueline Jossa rants about ’bad mood’ on social media

One lady who knows how to keep it real with followers is the lovely Jacqueline Jossa.

On the topic of keeping up with her beauty routine, Jacs continued: ‘It’s so unfair, everything changes for the woman…

‘Your body, your body shape, your hair… even your hair!’

Carrying on, Dan Osborne’s wife added: ‘So it’s not enough your body changes, all of your hormones change, your whole life changes… I’m in a bad mood guys!’

Despite Jacqueline’s candid rant, we’re sure the lovely lady soon managed to cheer herself up – having recently shared a sweet tribute for her brood of two.

Posting a snap of Ella and Mia enjoying some sisterly bonding time, Jacqueline penned a lengthy caption reflecting on motherhood.

The actress shared: ‘I really hope they know how much I love them. Doesn’t it scare you sometimes how you can love someone so much, all I want is for them to be proud of their mum.’


Keeping it candid, Jacqueline added: ‘Some times when I am so tired and I have had a bad day or I’m feeling hurt it’s hard to be an amazing mother 24:7.’

Signing off the post, she finally posted: ‘There is no such thing as a perfect parent. ?’

Keep doing you, lady!

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