Is Lady Gaga In ‘AHS: Apocalypse’? This New Teaser Is Giving Fans Serious Hope

In the past few weeks, the American Horror Story team has confirmed just about every fan favorite actor from past seasons of the horror anthology series will be back for its new season Apocalypse, but one AHS standout has yet to be confirmed for Apocalypse. However, a mysterious new teaser for the upcoming season could be hinting at the return of Mother Monster. So, is Lady Gaga in American Horror Story: Apocalypse or not? Let’s go over all the clues.

When it was first revealed that American Horror Story: Apocalypse would serve as a crossover season between Murder House and Coven, it initially did not really seem like Lady Gaga would be back since her only appearances have been as The Countess in AHS: Hotel and Scáthach in AHS: Roanoke. But diehard fans started to realize that both of her characters actually do have interesting connections to Murder House and Coven — The Countess mentioned being a patient of Charles Montgomery in the Murder House and Scáthach was revealed to be the coven’s original Supreme. When cast member Billy Eichner uploaded a partially obstructed photo of the Apocalypse cast last month an teased a "wild" unannounced cast member, Lady Gaga was one of the most repeated guesses among fans.

And now, we may have gotten another clue about Lady Gaga returning to the American Horror Story family. The latest teaser clip for Apocalypse centers on a glamorous woman who looks an awful lot like Lady Gaga.

In the clip, a glamorous woman perches on a throne while wearing a gas mask, as she sucks the life out of a decrepit woman next to her, who ends up melting into a black ooze.

A number of fans have pointed out how similar this glamorous woman appears to be to Lady Gaga’s Hotel character The Countess, but it actually seems a lot more likely that this could be a new version of Gaga’s Roanoke character Scáthach. There has been a lot of speculation about how the witches from Coven will have evolved in the time of Apocalypse, and this teaser may be teasing a transference of magical powers from one witch to another, as fans have pointed out that the glamorous woman seems to be sitting on the Supreme’s chair from Coven. If that is correct, then this clip could be showing a younger, revitalized Scáthach reclaiming her role as Supreme by absorbing the life force of Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson’s character who became the Supreme at the end of Coven, and is confirmed to return for Apocalypse).

Then again, Lady Gaga’s other AHS character The Countess was also known for sucking the life out of others to keep herself looking young and beautiful. Maybe this really is hinting at the return of the vampiric Countess after all, in which case we may finally get to see for ourselves how she is connected to the Murder House, since Jessica Lange, Connie Britton, and Dylan McDermott are all confirmed to be reprising their Murder House roles in the new season.

Whether it is as Scáthach or The Countess, though, this new teaser does make it seem like AHS fans will be seeing Lady Gaga on their screens again. American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere on FX on Wednesday, Sept. 12.

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