Jaclyn Hill Confirms Jon Divorce, Splitting, Beauty YouTuber

We can’t believe this is true!

After weeks of speculation about whether or not Jaclyn and Jon Hill were separating, the beauty blogger confirmed that after nine years of marriage, the pair decided to divorce.

In the note, the 27-year-old writes about how this has been “the hardest decision” of their lives, but it is “what’s best” for both of them.

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The 29-year-old echoed the beauty guru’s statement by posting a similar message on his own Instagram account adding, “Although there’s still love between us, we feel it’s best to go our separate ways.”

He also touched on the fact that they got married when they were extremely young saying, “This is obviously not the future we envisioned but we were very young and have since both changed and grown apart.”

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The news of the split comes just days after Jac and Jon seemingly shaded each other online, although they both were pretty clear that they’re still friends.

We know that this must be an extremely difficult and emotional time in their lives and we wish them the best.

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