James Charles Has Now Lost More Than One MILLION Subscribers After Tati Westbrook’s Call-Out Video&#8230

James Charles is really feeling the heat from all of this endless makeup vlogger drama!

After Tati Westbrook called him out in a kick-off to the dramatic feud between the two YouTube stars earlier this week, the dramatic stand-off reached new heights on Saturday, as Charles has now officially lost more than one MILLION subscribers and followers across various social media platforms!


After Westbrook officially severed ties with Charles in her BYE SISTER… video from Friday, subscribers have been following suit — and Charles’ social counts are going down by the minute, with some social media commenters gleefully refreshing his pages minute by minute to keep checking in on the decline.

Even though Charles apologized publicly in his own response video, the damage appears to be done, with Newsweek reporting that the million followers he’s lost includes a big-time list of celebs like Miley Cyrus, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Tana Mongeau, and Shawn Mendes. Those are some big name losses!!!

As you’ll recall, Charles’ feud with Westbrook goes back to his refusal to promote her Halo Beauty line on his channel, while turning around to promote supplement company Sugar Bear Hair Care, which angered Westbrook. This week, then, she uploaded a 43-minute video calling out James for being ungrateful and criticizing him for bad behavior.

At one point in the video, she said (below):

“How entitled do you have to be to think that you have it rough? You are a 19-year-old millionaire. You do not get to wake up and stress out about how unfair your job is. That is so ridiculous to me. Get off your high horse and have some respect. You don’t have any for the people who are in this industry and that’s the sad fact. You sold out me, but you threw away our friendship. You lied to me, made up a story, you knew this would be embarrassing for me. No our relationship is not transactional. I have never asked you for anything in return.”


Now, James is feeling Tati’s wrath as the internet has clearly reacted strongly here!

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?! Who do you stand behind in the ongoing James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook feud???

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