Jana Kramer Will 'Never Settle Again' After Mike Caussin Divorce!

Blast some Britney Spears, because Jana Kramer is Stronger!

The actress’s divorce announcement came as a surprise after how much work she’d done publicly to work through her trust issues and forgive husband Mike Caussin for his cheating ways. Sadly, the fact that a serial cheater would continue to abuse his wife’s trust is a lot less surprising, so we weren’t shocked to see “inappropriate marital conduct, irreconcilable differences and adultery” cited in the divorce filing.

On Tuesday, the One Tree Hill alum gave another glimpse inside the split with an inspirational message on her Instagram Story. Over a plain black background, she wrote:

“You will break her, but she will grow back stronger. You will dim her light, but she will shine more brightly in the dark. You will lower her expectations, but she will raise her standards. You will cause her to hate, but she will find relief, release and beauty in the breakdown.”

Whew… ‘Hate’ is a strong word! But she didn’t stop there. The post continued:

“You will make her question her sanity, but she will learn to trust her own intuition better than before. You will crush her ideas of love, but she will never settle again. You will burn her world to the ground, but she will pour her heart into becoming the best person she can be. And this time, it won’t be for you; it will be for her.”


Wow! How empowering!

Clearly the 37-year-old is ready to move into her new, single era and leave the drama behind. According to a source for Us, this poetic missive won’t be the only info we get on the breakup. The insider said:

“Time will heal her wounds, and when she’s ready, she’s going to open up more about the marriage ending. Her fans follow her because of how real she is. She doesn’t hide her emotions and hasn’t hid the fact that she and Mike were having problems. She really connects with her fans on so many levels. … She’ll get DMs and comments from people saying they’ve gone through similar situations and that really helps her.”

We’re sure this is a difficult time for the family, but we’re honestly just glad that Jana did what was best for her, and that she’s out of a relationship that wasn’t treated with the proper respect. We wish her the best, and we’re looking forward to seeing what her next chapter has in store!

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