January Jones Reveals She Was Snubbed By Lisa Vanderpump’s Restaurant Pump

Lisa Vanderpump is known for her restaurants in California and her starring role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She owns Sur and Pump, both frequented by celebrities. Several high-profile stars use these restaurants for parties, but one, in particular, says she was snubbed.

January Jones recently gave an interview and threw some shade at Lisa Vanderpump and Pump. The actress wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday there. According to People, January Jones says that upon calling multiple times to set up the gathering, no one responded to her. This wasn’t just a call that wasn’t returned, she enlisted other people to help, and they didn’t get anywhere either. Jones even asked Andy Cohen to help her out, and he wasn’t able to get her in either.

Of course, January Jones went to the restaurant following the incident and threw shade while there. She received apologies for the lack of attention to the matter, but she still was not going to have her party there. In fact, Jones recounted that she told them what a mistake they had made by not calling her back. Some other establishment likely hosted the party and reaped the benefits of advertising that January Jones hosted a huge birthday party there.

At fancy parties in the south they drink beer in champagne glasses. @capitolclt bravo on the most beautiful evening! And thank you @rosie_assoulin for my gorgeous dress and @ireneneuwirth for my jewels and being my friend even though I have bangs.

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There has been no public response from Lisa Vanderpump about the incident yet. Bad publicity isn’t a good thing, so there is some expectation that she will speak out. January Jones says that she tried several times to get a return call, and if that was the case, the person in charge of that would likely get the Vanderpump wrath fans have seen on Vanderpump Rules. Although, speculation is there may be more to the story, and a comment from Lisa would help clear things up.

Currently, Lisa Vanderpump has finished filming for both of her shows and is working on her other projects. Blowing off January Jones and her milestone birthday likely was an oversight as there has been no feud or any other documentation signifying the two have even crossed paths. Pump is a known hot spot with Jennifer Lawrence often being spotted there having dinner or drinks with friends.

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