Jennifer Aniston Revealed Her Trick for Always Having Perfect Lipstick

If you don’t apply lipstick in fear of it smudging, feathering, or smearing before you’re even finished with your morning coffee, Jennifer Aniston is here to change your life. Well, at least your makeup routine. 

The actor appeared in a picture on celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey’s Instagram. In the picture, Aniston’s lipstick-covered lips are covered with a transparent blotting paper. According to Health, she revealed on Stories that she uses these blotting papers to soak up excess cream lipstick and give the lips a stain-like appearance. 

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Quiet on set! ? Kidding! This is how we prep for long lasting lipstick that doesn’t bleed. ?

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These products are originally designed to soak up oil on the skin, and they’re commonly used on the T-zone. “This is how we prep for long lasting lipstick that doesn’t bleed,” Dempsey wrote in the caption of her photo. Health also got the details on Dempsey’s go-to product—DHC Blotting Papers ($100;

While it won’t soak up as much oil, you can always prevent feathering by blotting with a regular tissue after applying lipstick. 

But given how perfect Jennifer Aniston’s lipstick always looks, we think we’ll go with her MUA’s suggestion. 

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