Jennifer Aniston wore a sparkly slipdress to the Paris ‘Murder Mystery 2’ premiere

Here are some photos from the Paris premiere of Murder Mystery 2, the Netflix sequel to the successful Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler movie. True story: I tried to watch the first movie because, honestly, I thought the premise was cute and it seemed like it was “for” me, someone who enjoys murder mysteries. But I only got like ten minutes into it before turning it off. While I know Sandler’s production company spends real money on his movies, it just felt like none of the money went into the script? Still, people liked the first one a lot so Aniston and Sandler made another one.

I can’t find the ID on Aniston’s dress, but it’s aggressively fine. A sparkly nude slipdress and Rachel hair, you know what you’re getting with an Aniston red carpet appearance. Surprised the dress isn’t black, honestly. It makes me mad, because she was wearing this fun, furry shrug in some of the photos, but then she removed it for the cast pics and her full-length pics. It was a much cuter look with the shrug!

I don’t even want to say this, but Adam Sandler looks good with a beard. And Melanie Laurent is in this! Well, girl’s gotta eat.

PS… Aniston swore on live TV this week – she was doing an interview with a British morning show and she said something about “sh-ts and giggles.” Sandler laughing is the best part.

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📸 Valentin Le Cron

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Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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