Jennifer Lopez's New Movie Is the 2018 Version of Maid In Manhattan

You may have thought this was just your average summer Thursday—hell, maybe you even dubbed it “boring” or “run-of-the-mill,” but this was before you realized that the first trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie had dropped (her first live-action feature film since 2015, mind you).

The official Second Act trailer is *finally* here. We’ve been flipping out over this movie since we learned that J.Lo would be teaming up with real-life bestie Leah Remini (not to mention Milo Ventimiglia and Vanessa Hudgens).

Judging by the nearly three-minute trailer, Second Act has all the makings of a classic J.Lo movie—and by “classic J.Lo movie” we mean Maid in Manhattan, because it’s basically the 2018 version of that movie.

An underpaid, overworked sales clerk trades in her blue vest for a designer wardrobe and a high-powered career—with a little help from her tech-savvy friends.

Like Maid in Manhattan’s Marisa, Second Act’s Maya pretends to be someone she’s not in order to get what she wants, but instead of vying for Ralph Fiennes’s heart (it was 2002, OK?) Maya wants the green, wants the money, wants the cashflow (and also power and respect).

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Though we’ve already kind of seen this movie before (a couple times), we’re eager to catch Second Act when it makes its theatrical debut on Nov. 21.

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