Jenny Ryan: The Chase star, 39, questioned as to how she’s had both vaccines

The Chase: Contestant takes low offer to face Jenny Ryan

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The Chase star Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, 39, has taken to Twitter to reveal that she has received both coronavirus vaccines. However, within minutes of having revealed that she has had two AstraZeneca jabs, social media users took to the platform to ask the 39-year-old star how and why.

AstraZeneca? Completed it, mate. #vaccinated

Jenny Ryan

Jenny posted the picture of the completed vaccine card in view of her 94,500 followers.

She accompanied the snap with the caption: “AstraZeneca? Completed it, mate. #vaccinated.”

Despite the picture receiving nearly 1,500 likes from fans, one social media user asked the TV star how she had managed to receive two vaccinations.

“How come you’ve had both, I’ve only had 1 and I’m 58 lol,”(sic) they wrote.

Jenny replied: “Feel like I’m not the person to ask, maybe try the NHS?”

Another social media user took it upon themselves to explain how the star could be fully vaccinated.

They wrote: “Might have an underlying condition? Might have applied to get a spare vaccine from a centre at the end of the day?

“Come on, people should know this by now”, they ended their response.

Following up on her initial announcement, The Chase star went on to encourage her fans to play their part in the coronavirus “crisis”.

Jenny added: “Just to say – side-effects or no side-effects, it’s SO WORTH IT.

“The vaccine is a little miracle that comes in glass vials.

“A couple of days of (possibly) feeling rubbish is nothing compared to the part you’re playing in fixing this whole crisis. I feel like a (tired) hero today,” she admitted..

Earlier in the day the TV star said she felt “worse” after the initial AstraZeneca vaccine, apart from currently feeling tired.

Responding to a fan who told how their “arm felt like it’s going to drop off” after receiving the Pfizer jab, the kind-hearted star wished them well.

“I felt much worse with the first jab – sore arm/shoulder and a couple of hours of flu-y symptoms which I slept through”, she continued.

“Much better with this one, though much like vaccine #1 I’m feeling tired! Hope you’re better soon – should only be a couple of days of ache,” she penned.

As fans of the star commented on the effect that their own vaccinations had on them in the thread below, other social media users rushed to wish them well.

“I had the Pfizer the other day, feel like my arms going to drop off”, one wrote.

“Rub Voltarol on it – works a treat”, another generously suggested.

Jenny also rushed to comfort a fan who revealed that she felt “like death”.

Commenting on the Chase star’s status, she wrote: “I had my first yesterday and I feel like death today.”

Jenny kindly responded: “It will pass! Stay hydrated and get on the paracetamol if you can. And under a blanket for a snooze!”

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