Jeremy Clarkson calls out ‘woke warrior’ Lewis Hamilton over F1 team’s Grenfell firm deal

Jeremy Clarkson promotes his Hawkstone Lager

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, has lashed out against Lewis Hamilton after his new racing sponsorship was revealed. The F1 driver arrived in Saudi Arabia this week. 

When I heard, my shoulders sagged a bit as well

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy was upset at Lewis, given the origin of the company that sponsors the car that Lewis will be driving in Saudi this week.

Lewis will be sponsored “in part” by Kingspan, said Jeremy, in his article for The Sun.

Kingspan are a company whose “cladding” was on Grenfell Tower.

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter’s full comment was as follows: “WOKE warrior Lewis Hamilton arrived in Saudi Arabia this week to drive a car that’s sponsored in part by Kingspan, the company whose cladding was on the Grenfell Tower.

“It’s OK. When I heard, my shoulders sagged a bit as well,” he wrote.

This comes as Lewis’ team Mercedes signed a deal with Kingspan, which made some of the insulation used in cladding on Grenfell Tower.

Michael Gove and survivors of the tragic fire have called out the deal.

While Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has since addressed the deal, apologising for the “additional hurt” caused.

This isn’t the first time the pair have been involved in some kind of dispute. 

Last month, the F1 driver received booing from fans during several of his races. 

Jeremy retorted saying that the reason for this was because Lewis had “changed.”

He added that the sports star had become “too woke.”

Lewis has always encouraged fans to go vegan and has shared his personal fears for the environment.

Jeremy penned in a previous column for The Sun: “When he first came on to the scene he was bright and talented and normal – and everyone loved him.

“But then he decided to go woke and right-on and more politically correct than a student union AGM.”

Jeremy then shifted the discussion to the George Floyd incident, about which Lewis was very vocal.

The presenter went on: “After the murder of George Floyd, he had Mercedes paint the cars black, he talks about how he’s now green because he sold his jet and has urged everyone to be vegetarian.

“All this might work well on social media but in the real world, where people live, it doesn’t work at all.”

The Clarkson’s Farm star said that Lewis’s views were “a problem for the green movement”.

The presenter said that despite the “vegan movement” using Lewis as a mouthpiece, “all we want to do is throw something at him.”

He has also previously told his Twitter followers following the F1 driver’s complaints during the Hungarian Grand Prix that “Lewis needed a smacked bottom.”

The former Top Gear star continued: “He spent most of (what was a) thrilling race on the radio, claiming the chap in front of him Fernando Alonso was cheating. Which he wasn’t.”

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