Jeremy Clarkson: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host addresses weight loss U-turn

Jeremy Clarkson, 59, revealed had had lost two stone back in August, and credited shedding the pounds thanks to eating salads instead of steaks.

But, after showing off his slimmer frame yesterday with his partner, Lisa Morgan, the former Top Gear presenter said most of the weight is now back on.

After attending the event where he had noticeably shed some pounds, Jeremy took to Twitter to clarify his new look.

Jeremy wrote on Twitter: “It is true that I lost two stone. But I’ve now put one of them back on again.”

It is true that I lost two stone

Jeremy Clarkson

He added: “These are the realities of vanity.”

In a follow-up post, he said: “And so my American friends understand, two stone is 28 pounds.”

The Grand Tour favourite then said: “And in Roman Catholic, 2 stone is 12.7 kg.”

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host posed for photos with Lisa, 46, in London Thursday night at the launch of Fatima Bhutto’s book New Kings of the World, which took place at Knightsbridge bar Nolita Social.

Jeremy showed off a notably slimmer waistline at the event, where he was dressed in a blue shirt and jeans, teamed with a black blazer.

His girlfriend opted for a similar causal look for the event, spotting a white T-shirt and dark blue jeans.

Earlier this year, Jeremy appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show, where he told the host he had shed two stone following a gap year in South East Asia.

He said: “I went on a gap year to Indochina. They just have a better diet out there.”

The driving enthusiast added: “Plus I had a bicycle rather than a car.”

He continued: “Cycling is not a good thing to do, I’m all broken as a result of it but I did lose a lot of weight.”

Jeremy also shared more details about how he achieved his lean frame the summer, where he admitted no gym sessions were involved.

“I had salad for lunch and water – well, I had water because you lot were coming,” he told The Sun. “But I had a salad nicoise and a glass of water. I lose two stone last year.”

When asked if he was boosting his weight loss by adding gym sessions on top his diet, the star said: “No, no, that would be unseemly.

“The Queen doesn’t go to the gym and she doesn’t run and she’s 93 and she’s all right.

“Apparently she only has a forkful, she only has a tiny bit,” he continued. “That’s what I’ve heard.

“She’ll sit down and just have one little bit of mousse and a bit of lettuce leaf.”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire airs Sunday on ITV at 8pm. 

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