Jill Duggar Accused Of Sharing Transphobic Instagram Post That Earns Anna Duggar’s Approval

Jill Duggar is getting slammed on Instagram for posting a photo of a prayer list that some consider transphobic. However, the printed handout for Christian moms was endorsed by her sister-in-law Anna Duggar.

Jill Duggar’s Instagram posts are often flooded with comments from critics who are upset about her husband’s latest anti-LGTBQ remarks, but this time it isn’t Derick Dillard who is in hot water. As reported by In Touch Weekly, Jill is now being accused of using the social media platform to help Derick promote his transphobic views.

On Wednesday, Jill Duggar took to Instagram to share a photo of a prayer list titled “16 Things to Pray For Your Children.” She revealed that her mother Michelle Duggar had given it to her at a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) meeting. Most items listed on the prayer card were things that no one got up in arms about, like “that they would love each other” and “they would be kept from the love of money.” However, item number 16 really got under some people’s skin, and it sparked an intense debate in the comments section of Jill’s post.

“That our boys would be glad to be boys and our girls glad to be girls,” it read.

Interestingly, most of Jill Duggar’s supporters who chose an item on the list to single out as their favorite picked number 16.

“Thank you for sharing this @jillmdillard. I personally love #16,” wrote one fan.

“YES THE LAST ONE #16 all the way!! I love this!” another remarked.

I got this at a #MOPS meeting my amazing momma was speaking at a few months ago. Not sure where she got it from, but it’s super good. #thingstoprayforyourchildren

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However, number 16 was also the item on the list that elicited the most critical responses. Many of the Duggar daughter’s Instagram followers interpreted the final prayer to be an attack on transgender kids and parents who accept and support their children no matter which gender they identify with.

“Secret anti-trans message at the bottom hmmmm. So unnecessary and underhanded and unchristian,” read one response to Jill’s post.

“Let’s talk about the last one. What IF they aren’t glad to be the gender they were born as? Then what? Do you disown them? Shame them?” another critic asked the former Counting On star.

Jill’s post likely surprised some of her Instagram followers because she mostly uses social media to share innocuous family photos with her fans; it’s her husband who stirs up controversy by reportedly attacking teenage transgender girls on Twitter. Derick Dillard has repeatedly misgendered 17-year-old transgender activist Jazz Jennings by referring to her as “him,” and he tweeted that her TLC reality show I Am Jazz “follows a non-reality.”

@derickdillard you’re my fave! ???????? Melts my heart seeing you with our boys. You da best! ❤️ #besthubby #bestpapa

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No matter how much controversy Jill and Derick cause with their social media posts, they always have plenty of supporters who step in to defend them. Some fans argued that Jill’s recent post wasn’t transphobic because there’s nothing wrong with praying that a child doesn’t grow up as a member of a community that is often marginalized and discriminated against. Anna Duggar also stepped in to show her support for Jill’s prayer card by informing her Instagram followers where they can get their hands on similar materials.

“It came from Tom Harmon!” Anna wrote. “There are a lot of great resources on his website tdharmon.com.”

While most of Jill Duggar’s Instagram followers were debating whether or not the final item on her list was transphobic, a few others decided to list prayers that were missing from it. Had their ideas been listed instead, perhaps Jill’s post wouldn’t have caused so much drama.

“Happiness? Good health? A good heart?” wrote one commenter. “There’s a few things missing….. am I wrong?”

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