Jimmy Buffett, 71, Braves Hurricane Florence To Surf In Dangerous Conditions: ‘I Ain’t Afraid Of Dying’

Jimmy Buffett just can’t deny those hurricane swells! The ‘Margaritaville’ singer posted a pic of himself getting ready to brave the surf, and it’s wild. See the pic here!

Hurricane Florence is set to be the worst natural disaster to ever hit the Carolinas, but Jimmy Buffett apparently isn’t worried about any of that. Your baby boomer dad’s favorite singer and noted professional beach bum let his Instagram followers know that he’s taking in the hurricane swells in South Carolina instead of evacuating! Jimmy posted a pic of himself and a friend posing with their surfboards in Folly Beach, South Carolina on September 13. It’s a cute pic, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from the king of the Parrot Heads, but still.

Here’s the thing… the caption contains lyrics to his 2009 song “Surfing In A Hurricane”. Two possibilities here: Jimmy’s playing a huge (but inappropriate) joke on his followers, or he’s actually living out his lyrics. The lyrics go, “I ain’t afraid of dying / I got no need to explain / I feel like going surfing in a hurricane”.

A little on the nose, but that’s okay. We have a feeling that this is a joke, considering the sunny skies behind the men. Either way, Jimmy ended his caption with a warning to his fans: “On a serious note – respect mother nature, please be safe and listen to your local authorities.” Amen! The storm just touched down in North Carolina, and the governor has issued a mandatory evacuation order on the coast. As of now, Hurricane Florence is a Category 2 storm, but is expected to rise to Category 5. For reference, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Katrina were both Category 5.

Water levels are already rising on the western side of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina, and New Bern, North Carolina is flooding. Punishing winds and three inches of rain per hour is setting a path of destruction and suffering for residents of the state, some already awaiting rescue in their flooded towns. In New Bern, storm surges have already reached 10 feet. HollywoodLife will be keeping you updated with the latest Hurricane Florence developments. And it goes without saying — do NOT try surfing these swells!

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