Jinger Duggar Mom Shamed For Letting Daughter, 3 Wks., Wear Headband: It’s A ‘Suffocation Hazard’

Jinger has been a new mom for less than a month, but she’s already had so hate thrown her way that she disabled comments on Instagram. Yikes! See what her followers were saying.

Jinger Duggar, 24, and Jeremy Vuolo, 30, welcomed their baby girl to the world on July 19, but their parenting skills have already been called into question multiple times. Little Felicity Vuolo may be sweet, but the people defending her on social media are just the opposite — they’re ruthless! They’ve been ganging up on Jinger and Jeremy to call them out for the smallest (and weirdest) things. All the new mom had to do was post a pic of her daughter in a car seat with a pink headband for negativity to strike. While one follower asked why Felicity’s face looked so “dirty” and another called the bow “a suffocation hazard,” others had commentary on the tightness of her car seat straps.

How a baby could choke on a bow while it’s snug around her head and she’s sleeping is absolutely beyond us. Let Jinger dress her daughter in peace! And don’t even get us started on how rude it is to call out the newborn’s baby acne, let alone bash car seat straps that are barely even visible beneath her blanket. It’s no wonder Jinger disabled comments for that particular post. But she isn’t the only one facing fire — her husband faced backlash just last week. These Counting On stars just can’t catch a break! Jeremy caused controversy by studying at his laptop with his little one in his arms. Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! “Her eyes are still too delicate for screens like that,” one person wrote. “So maybe you can just read or talk to her and tell her what you’ve learnt.”

But don’t worry, it isn’t all bad! A lot of fans have stepped up to back Jinger and Jeremy in the middle of all of this negativity. Whether pointing out that the newborn’s eyes aren’t even developed enough to see the screen from that far away or simply voicing their confidence in the new parents, we bet the support is helping.

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So we’ll add our voices to the mix. You’re doing great, guys! Enjoy these early moments with Felicity and ignore all the hate.

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