Jinger Duggar Shares Family Photo That Causes All Sorts Of Speculations From Fans

Another snapshot has popped up on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo did some traveling last weekend to watch her brother, John David, marry Abbie Grace Burnett in Oklahoma. This was also a chance for her, Jeremy, and baby Felicity to spend some time catching up with family and friends. The mom-of-one shared a few photos of their time with them and one of the snapshots had Duggar fans doing a lot of speculating.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it seems that too much is read into them as well, as some of the comments have indicated on Jinger’s timeline. She posted one Instagram photo that revealed a table full of members of her family, as well as a couple of friends. That one snap had people making observations based on what they saw, or didn’t see.

The family got together at a place called Onyx Coffee Lab, which is based in Arkansas. It looks like Jinger and Jeremy traveled back to the Duggar’s home state after the Oklahoma wedding for a longer visit with family. The photo had the couple sitting at a table at the coffee house. She wrote as her caption, “A round table discussion.” Included in the photo is Austin and Joy Forsyth, Ben Seewald, Jill Dillard, Jana Duggar and her BFF Laura, Joe and Kendra Duggar, and baby Garrett. This little guy hasn’t been seen for a while and fans were so happy to get a small glimpse of him.

Kendra is holding her five-month-old son and he seems to be infatuated with his daddy. He has his head turned towards him and staring right at him in the photo. Joe and Kendra are not as social media friendly as the rest of their family members, so this was a special treat to finally see the baby.

Many fans were surprised that Jill was included in the photo since she isn’t a part of TLC’s Counting On any longer. However, one person pointed out that this is a personal account for Jinger so she can post whomever she wants to. In addition, many fans were questioning where Derick Dillard was, and also Jessa Seewald. Neither one of them was seen in the photo.

Derick is busy with law school, so he could have possibly been in class at that time. As for Jessa, it was noted that she could actually be the one taking the photo or be entertaining her two boys elsewhere.

And of course, there is the Jana and Laura speculation that they are a closeted couple. Duggar fans were quick to note that two females can be best friends without anything else going on. Laura seems to be like a second daughter to the Duggars since she is seen hanging around quite a bit and traveling with the family.

There is another young fellow that is included in the snapshot sitting next to Ben. He is most likely a friend of the family, but some of the comments are linking him to Jana as a potential suitor for her. However, one person did inquire as to why every male friend that is seen with the Duggars are somehow linked to Jana.

Despite all of the speculation that surrounds this photo, it looks like Jinger Duggar had a great visit with her family.

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