Joe Jonas Tells Donald Trump To Stay Out Of Sophie Turner’s Home Country, Talks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers

Joe Jonas has a stark warning for the President of the United States: Stay out of Sansa Stark’s homeland. It’s usually Donald Trump who is telling people to stay in the countries they were born in, but Jonas recently turned the tables on the Commander in Chief. While performing at BST Hyde Park in London, the DNCE frontman informed Trump that he’s just as welcome in England as a Lannister would be in Winterfell.

According to Metro, Joe Jonas addressed Trump on Saturday after taking the stage for DNCE’s show.

“Stay the f**k out of England, Trump,” Jonas said.

Joe Jonas also told Metro that he made sure to take part in the anti-Trump protests that were going on in London, even though he and his bandmates had little time to spare between the interviews that they had to do ahead of their show.

“We walked in the march actually,” Joe Jonas said. “We only had five 10 minutes between interviews but we wanted to be a part of it.”

According to The Hill, an estimated 250,000 million people took to the streets on Friday in protest of Donald Trump’s working visit to the UK. Jonas’ fiancée, Sophie Turner, was reportedly in London at the time. There’s no word on whether she also joined the anti-Trump marchers, but the British actress has also made it clear that she’s no fan of the American president.

As reported by Mashable, Turner shared her feelings about Trump when he was named the runner-up for Person of the Year by TIME magazine. She called the president a “sexual abuser” on Twitter, and she wrote that it was “an injustice and insult” that he was included in the same TIME issue that paid tribute to “the Silence Breakers” who helped get the #MeToo movement started.

Joe Jonas didn’t talk about his future wife’s feelings about Donald Trump during his recent interview with Metro, but he did answer another question about Sophie Turner when he was quizzed about whether she ever shares any Game of Thrones spoilers with him. Unfortunately for fans of Sansa Stark, Jonas doesn’t know if she’ll be one of the pieces left on the board when the game comes to an end.

“She keeps her lips sealed as I’m a big fan,” Jonas said.

According to the singer, HBO makes you “sign your life away” if you’re romantically involved with a Game of Thrones star, so he wouldn’t dare reveal any spoilers even if Sophie had shared any with him. He also said that his fiancée knows that he doesn’t like spoilers, anyway.

“Even if she had the opportunity she wouldn’t,” Jonas said. “I’m such a huge fan of the show so I keep my ears sealed.”

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