Is John Cena Sending Nikki A Sexy Secret Message Amid Reunion Rumors? ‘Let’s Start Messing Around’

Whoa! Is John Cena slyly sending his ex Nikki Bella a message with his latest tweet! Check out what he had to say right here!

Convinced that it’s only a matter of time before exes Nikki Bella and John Cena decided to rekindle their romance? You are definitely not alone! And now he’s doing some tweeting which has fans everywhere convinced this relationship is on the mend! “Let’s stop messing around, and start messing around,” John tweeted early on Memorial Day! Okay, wow! We are living for this flirty side of the 41-year-old pro wrestler!

It’s hard to interpret this has ANYTHING other than a sexy message for Nikki! Especially considering the rampant reports that their engagement was called off because John and Nikki couldn’t agree on if they wanted to have children together. “She believes John now when he says he does want kids with her, she thinks he’s being totally genuine, and doesn’t think anymore that he’s just feeding her a line in order to get her back,” a source previously told EXCLUSIVELY. “They’re not officially back together yet, but they’re nearly there, and their friends think they’ll be married within the next year and are well on their way to starting a family together.”

Since their breakup, John and his 34-year-old ex have been spotted together strolling in his Miami neighborhood, which definitely led fans to believe that they are quietly working things out. As for Nikki, we’re hearing that she’s still got it bad for John. “Nikki misses John so much it’s crazy,” another source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She thinks about him constantly and still loves him to pieces. Nikki really wants to believe John when he says he wants to be a dad now, but she can’t help doubting him still though, given that it’s such a drastic turnaround.” Nikki, we think you should totally respond to this tweet!

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