John David Duggar And Abbie Burnett’s Wedding Date Has Been Revealed, Nuptials To Happen Soon

It looks like a fall wedding is at hand for John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett.

Fans are anxiously waiting for John David Duggar and his fiancée, Abbie Burnett, to become husband and wife. They announced their engagement in July, so that typically means that there is between a three to four month wait until the nuptials happen. That brings the wedding to happen around October or November. A wedding date has apparently come to light and it is happening very soon.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, John David and Abbie will be getting hitched on November 3. What looks to be the official wedding invitation was originally posted on the Duggar Family News: Life is not all Pickles and Hairspray Facebook page. It was obtained by a source, but some details are blocked out such as the venue.

The invitation reveals fun photos of the happy couple as well as the places that they are registered at. Some other interesting information coming from the Facebook page may have people wondering if John David and Abbie will be doing things a bit differently than what has been seen in previous Duggar weddings.

They are apparently not getting married in the Duggar’s home state of Arkansas. This most likely means that the wedding will take place in Oklahoma where Abbie is from. Another interesting tidbit that was passed along by the Pickles page is that the reception is expected to be a bit different than others that we have seen in the past. What does that mean? Guess Duggar fans will just have to wait and see in a future episode of Counting On.

John David Duggar is older than his siblings when they got engaged. He has established himself with various jobs and he seemed to be okay with being single for that long. At 28, he has finally found someone to spend the rest of his life with. He and his twin sister, Jana, had chosen to wait a while until the perfect mate came along. John David’s wait is over, but Jana is still hanging in there waiting for her true love to show up. Or she could just be happy enough to not worry about it for now.

It is expected that Abbie will move to Arkansas after the wedding. She is a nurse, but the Duggar women don’t usually have regular jobs, except maybe Jill Dillard who does some midwifery. Of course, raising children is a job in itself. Duggar fans will be waiting to see if this couple will start having kids right away. They aren’t as young as most Duggar couples are when they start having babies. Or they could wait at least a year like Jinger and Jeremy did. After all, Jeremy is even older and they just started their family this year.

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