Johnny Bananas-Hannah Teter Sex Tape Leaks Online

Former reality star John Devenanzio — better known as Johnny Bananas — got his start on The Real World: Key West way back in 2006.

But while his castmates faded into obscurity, Bananas has stubbornly clung to his last shred of fame, and amazingly, he’s actually managed to hold onto a modicum of relevance.

He still appears on new seasons of The Challenge, but at 44, Johnny’s drama is starting to seem increasingly absurd, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how much longer he’ll be a draw for MTV’s increasingly youthful audience.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that J-Nanners has officially entered the sex tape phase of his career.

According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Johnny stars — alongside his ex-girlfriend, Olympic snowboarder Hannah Teter — in a very explicit video posted today on the uber-oddly-named porn site Celeb Jihad.

As though having your most intimate moments plastered all over the internet isn’t degrading enough, Mr. Bananas’ banana doesn’t even receive top billing.

In fact, the site doesn’t mention Johnny at all, and is instead promoting its new “Hannah Teter Sex Tape.”

A teaser posted by Celeb Jihad reads as follows:

“Olympic gold medal winning snowboarder Hannah Teter appears to have just had the sex tape video and nude photos below leaked online.”

As you can see, that sentence has the vague taint of having been run through a translator until it sounded like something written by a red-blooded American perv, and not some Moscow-based bot that’s become sentient and grown weary of posting the same fake news stories day after day.

This doesn’t appear to be a case in which either party had any previous knowledge that the tape would be leaked.

In fact, according to The Ashley, Johnny was in the middle of a live interview with People magazine at the time the footage went public.

As is so often the case with this sort of thing, Twitter quickly went bonkers as word of the explicit video went viral.

Bananas and Teter have yet to comment on the release themselves, but we’re guessing they’re both feeling a bit exposed today.

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