Johnny Depp Accused Of Attacking Crew Member On ‘LAbyrinth’ Set

An inside source claims an intoxicated Depp got out of control on the set.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is making headlines this morning – and not in a good way. According to an exclusive with Page Six, Depp was out of control on set during the production of LAbyrinth.

Multiple sources told the media outlet Depp was so intoxicated during the production that he attacked a location manager. The alleged altercation included Johnny badgering and trying to punch the crew member, before he was yanked off the set.

For those who are unfamiliar with Depp’s latest upcoming film, LAbyrinth stars Johnny as LAPD detective Russel Poole. Poole is the name of a real-life detective who became known for his investigation into the death of Biggie Smalls.

An inside source told Page Six the drama on the set of the film started shortly after Depp took charge in directing a scene before casting two of his friends for roles as a cop and a homeless man. A quote from an inside source seems to suggest Depp isn’t taking the filming of LAbyrinth as seriously as the rest of the cast and crew.

“Johnny’s friends were in the scene, and it just turned into way more than it should have been.”

Thanks to a permit, a downtown LA street was closed off for this scene that allegedly got wildly out of control. A source also revealed that when the permit ran out, Depp wanted to continue to run the cameras instead of getting off the street.

According to the source, producers had asked for more time on several occasions before the location manager told the film director the scene needed to be wrapped up. The location manager telling Depp what to do sent the irate actor – who had been drinking and smoking the entire time he had been on the set – into a fit of rage. The source recalled the event noting that Johnny was about six inches away from the crew member’s face when he started screaming at him.

“He was 6 inches away, yelling, ‘Who are you? You have no right!’”

The crew member – who the source confirmed was really “well-liked” by everyone on the set tried to explain to Depp that he was “just doing his job,” when Depp attempted to punch the crew worker ribs. The source notes that when the very weak punch had no impact on the crew member – Johnny just became more upset. He recalled Johnny badgering the crew member to hit him back.

“I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me right now!”

The crew member – as well as several other members of the crew – just stood still stunned and confused before Johnny was finally pulled off of the set.

A representative of Johnny declined to give a comment to Page Six about the issue, and Furman insists the alleged drama was “overblown” by the inside source.

“Johnny Depp is a consummate professional, great collaborator and a supporter of other artists. He always treats the crew and people around him with the utmost respect. Movies can be stressful, and nonevents often become exaggerated. We all love stories — there isn’t one here.”

While Furman’s comment on the issue doesn’t suggest that it didn’t happen – it does seem to suggest the source exaggerated what happened. Unfortunately, this appears to be a matter of he said, she said.

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