Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Was Suicidal When He Tried Leaving Fights

8:50 AM PT — Depp is making more claims about Amber, including the allegation that she would drink excessively and do illicit drugs around him — even during periods when he says he was trying to get sober.

JD claims Amber could (and would) knock back 2 bottles of wine a night, no problem — and not just that, but alleges he’d seen her take MDMA, mushrooms and “high velocity” speed throughout their relationship. Johnny also claims she refused to attempt to go clean with him.

One other thing … Johnny once again described instances in which he claims Amber would pick fights over little things — which he says would often blow up beyond his control.

Johnny Depp made a shocking claim in court amid in his defamation case against Amber Heard — alleging his ex would threaten to kill herself when he tried bailing from their fights.

The actor is in Day 2 of his testimony, and among the things he’s getting into Wednesday is his and Amber’s former dynamic when they were a couple and living together. One of the more surprising things he laid out was the notion that Amber was allegedly suicidal.

Check it out … Johnny explains that when they would get into these nasty blowouts — ones he insists she instigated and dragged out, not the other way around — he would often decide to remove himself from the toxic situation … and claims that would send Amber spiraling.

JD paints a picture of Amber desperately trying to stop him from leaving — alleging she’d get security involved to halt him at the elevator, etc. He even testified that she’d be in hysterics, saying what he perceived as suicidal remarks … like how she couldn’t “live without him.”

He also says she’d sometimes land on his front door step in the middle of the night — this after he successfully exited the scene — and be shouting out to him from outside.

On Monday, Johnny kicked off his testimony by saying he’d never laid a hand on Amber — despite her claims — and that he was there in court seeking the truth, no matter what.

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