Johnny Galecki Reveals Kathy Bates On Set For Season 12 Of Big Bang Theory

‘Big Bang Theory’ star Johnny Galecki posted a photo of himself, his TV wife Kaley Cuoco, and actress Kathy Bates to Instagram, revealing that Bates has returned for season 12 of the hit show.

Johnny Galecki keeps on dropping behind-the-scenes peeks of what is to come for season 12 of hit show Big Bang Theory. The cast returned to work on Season 12 just a few days ago after a summer hiatus, in which cast mates pursued other projects. Most noticeably, Jim Parsons was on Broadway, performing in the cult classic, The Boys in the Band, while Kaley Cuoco got married.

Galecki posted a photo of himself with Cuoco on their first day back on set with the caption “Season 12 (!!!) of @bigbangtheorycbs has begun rehearsals,” as The Inquisitr previously reported. Cuoco later re-posted the same image. Fans began to dissect and try to glean details about Season 12 from the photo. Now, just days later, Galecki has posted another image on Instagram to give fans a sneak peek of the upcoming season. This time, he posted an image of him, Cuoco, and Kathy Bates on set. Kathy Bates joined the cast for the Season 11 finale as Amy’s mother, who shows up to attend Amy’s long awaited wedding to Sheldon.

When the actress who originated Annie Wilkes says to you out of nowhere “You look like the devil,” you’re both flattered and considering a return to therapy. The incomparable #KathyBates @normancook @bigbangtheory_cbs #behindthescenes

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It’s not exactly a surprise that Kathy Bates is returning to her role on Season 12, as actress Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, revealed that Bates would be making an appearance on the show shortly before filming began. However, it is great to see her on the set with the other actors, confirming once and for all that she will be reprising her role this season.

Bates replaced actress Annie O’Donnell for Amy’s Mother, who finally showed up in person to an episode. Many other guest stars returned to the show so their characters could attend Amy and Sheldon’s wedding. Several new faces were added to the cast to make the roster of missing familial characters complete, including Jerry O’ Connell as Sheldon’s older brother and Raymond Joseph Teller, one half of the famed magician duo Penn & Teller, as Amy’s Father.

Galecki’s captions references the fact that Kathy Bates originated the role of Anne Wilkes, the villain of the film adaptation of Stephen King’s acclaimed novel, Misery. Bates, as Anne Wilkes, was ranked the 17th most iconic villain in film history. This underscores Galecki’s excitement when Bates apparently told him he “look[ed] like the devil.”

Fans of the show are excited to see what Bates’ character will add to Season 12, which is rumored to perhaps be the last season of TheBig Bang Theory. Viewers will have to tune in for the season premiere to see exactly what Bates and Teller’s characters get up to in the new season.

The Season 12 premiere of The Big Bang Theory will air on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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