Jon And Kate Gosselin’s Dueling Back To School Photos Have Fans Urging The Dad Of 8 To Fight For Son Collin

The former ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ stars have had a complicated custody battle, and fans are still concerned for sextuplet son Collin.

Jon and Kate Gosselin’s custody wars continue—on social media, anyway. The former Jon and Kate Plus 8 stars have both posted back to school pics, causing confusion over their custody arrangement for sextuplet daughter Hannah. Now, some fans think Jon should get custody of his 14-year-old son, Collin, too.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jon Gosselin posted a solo back to school photo of his daughter Hannah congratulating her on her bravery as she starts fresh at a new school. Hannah is not wearing a uniform like her sextuplet siblings, Alexis, Leah, Joel, and Aaden, are in the back to school photo posted by their mom, Kate, last week. Jon Gosselin captioned the pic by praising Hannah for integrating herself into a new community and making new friends, and he included the hashtag “#newbeginnings.”

The post was flooded with comments, some of them now removed. Jon Gosselin warned haters, “Any negative comments about my children or family will be removed and you will be permanently blocked Forever!!!”

But that didn’t stop some followers from throwing jabs at Kate Gosselin and her longtime custody of the couple’s eight kids.

“I’m so glad she’s out of Kate’s hands!!!!!! #hatekate,” one Instagram user wrote of Hannah, while another posted a lengthy post about “parental alienation” and the fact that Hannah has broken free from it.

Congrats Hannah on your first day of school, proud of you. I admire your bravery starting fresh!!! I Love you very much and we have worked really hard to get here. Dedication has really paid off. I’m so happy you integrated yourself into the community, you made friends all summer and now you will grow and graduate with them. I’m honored to be your father!!! Love you, Dad #newbeginnings

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In an Instagram live Q&A last week, Jon Gosselin told fans that Hannah “permanently” lives with him, but an insider told People Kate maintains custody of all eight Gosselin kids, including son Collin, who is currently living away from home. Collin Gosselin is currently enrolled at a boarding school for children with special needs, but fans think Jon should get custody of him as well as Hannah.

“I really think Colin would benefit from trying to stay with you guys,” one fan wrote of Jon’s presumed living arrangement with Hannah. “Make it happen but still get him whatever therapy is needed. ”

“Go get Collin out of there please! He needs a fresh start too!” another wrote.

“Yay for Hannah!” another Instagram user wrote. “Please fight for Colin, don’t leave him alone and behind. Eventually, you’ll have ALL your children!”

Kate Gosselin rarely talks about her son, Collin, and he has not appeared in any recent family photos with the other sextuplets and older twin sisters Mady and Cara. After Kate and seven of her eight kids posed for a People magazine cover portrait two years ago, the reality star explained why Collin was missing from the family photo shoot.

“Collin has special needs. There’s a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things. We miss him so much, so it’s been hard because there is a huge hole in our family without him here. But it comforts us to know he’s where he needs to be right now, and I can feel good about that.”

But in May, fans finally caught a glimpse of the Gosselin son when Jon Gosselin posted an Instagram photo of a smiling Collin and Hannah as they celebrated their 14th birthday together with pizza and a cake.

“Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!” Jon captioned the pic.

Glad I could celebrate my son Collin’s 14th birthday with him and his sister!

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Now, fans are thinking about Collin as the other Gosselin sextuplets head off to eighth grade, and they are urging Jon to take his missing sextuplet son under his wing when the time is right.

“You’re a great dad!!” a fan wrote of the back to school pic. “Your baby girl looks so happy!! Continue looking out for your baby boy Collin.”

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