Jordin Sparks Shares Adorable New Photo Of Her 3-Week-Old Son

Jordin gave fans a look at her newborn’s sweet smile.

Former American Idol winner and new mom Jordin Sparks is sharing an adorable up-close look at her newborn son with her fans. Per Entertainment Tonight, Jordin recently took to Instagram to share the sweetest photo of her baby boy, named DJ, flashing a big smile for his mom as he lay on his back.

The cute photo Sparks posted on her account showed the little guy wearing an adorable blue onesie with a big and little giraffe printed on it alongside the words “Mommy loves me.”

Jordin, who as Inquisitr previously reported confirmed earlier this month she and her husband Dana Isaiah had welcomed their first child into the world on May 2, then gushed over her tiny bundle of joy in the caption where she admitted that her little son’s sweet smile “has [her] heart forever.”

Sparks told her more than 1.6 million followers on the social media site, “This smile has my heart forever. I am a puddle on the floor. I can’t believe I get the blessing & honor of being his Mommy.”

The singer, who won Season 6 of American Idol back in 2011 when she was just 17-years-old, then added in her Instagram caption, “Wow… God is so good!”

Jordin’s latest peek at her newborn son has already received more than 160,000 likes on the social media site from the “No Air” singer’s fans.

This smile has my heart forever. I am a puddle on the floor. I can’t believe I get the blessing & honor of being his Mommy. Wow…God is so good! ????????

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Sparks previously opened up about becoming a mom for the first time earlier this month in an interview with Entertainment Tonight where she confessed that she just can’t stop staring at her son.

“It’s just fun to stare at him. His name is DJ, named after daddy, and the moment was incredible!” Jordin told the outlet as she walked the red carpet at a movie premiere mere days after giving birth to little DJ. “To finally have him in my arms and stare at him. He’s really here. He made it.”

“This is what we’ve been waiting for,” the star then added of her baby boy, admitting that he’s “just so perfect.”

Jordin, who married Dana last year, then told ET in the interview that although her son is super cute, he also knows how to wail when he needs to.

“He’s really, really cute. He’s really calm, but he does have some lungs,” the “Battlefield” singer confessed of her new baby, musing that there’s a possibility her son will follow in her footsteps and become a singer just like her because he has such powerful pipes when he cries.

Sparks also gushed over her new role in an interview with People shortly after giving birth, where she admitted that she was still getting used to being called a mom both by herself and other people.

She also revealed that she actually opted to have a drug-free birth when she welcomed little DJ into the world on May 2.

“It was just this incredibly miraculous, beautiful moment that I don’t know could ever be duplicated,” Jordin told the outlet, adding that giving birth to her son was “beyond anything I’ve ever felt in my life.”

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