Josie Gibson hits back at ‘manipulative’ and ‘narcissistic’ ex John James Parton who ‘ruined’ the most special part of her life

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They say there are two sides to every story, so after new magazine's explosive interview with John James Parton last week, it was only fair they gave his former girlfriend Josie Gibson the chance to respond.

And while the TV favourite, who met John James when they entered the Big Brother house in 2010, is keen to draw a line under their ill-fated relationship once and for all, she also wants to set the record straight on what she says really went on behind closed doors.

"It was horrific, what John put me through – he has a very funny memory," Josie tells new. "I don't pretend to be somebody I'm not. It was a relationship that went on a couple of months too long. To this day I don't know if the guy loved me or not. I was with him and not even I can work him out."

John James, 34, who is now based in his native Australia, told new he saw a different side to Josie, 35, after they left the show and went official with their romance.

"Josie’s got a side of her that is similar to me," he explained last week. "We're both very stubborn, argumentative and opinionated.
I have changed now, but back then we could both get quite nasty. I didn't really see that side of her until I left the house. This other side came out I had no idea existed."

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But This Morning presenter Josie insists she has only ever been herself.

"I feel he’s trying to insinuate I was a game player and I acted differently in the house than out of it, which isn't true," she explains.

"I never changed, but he got nastier. I think he thought I should put up with it because I was the fat, ugly one and he was the good-looking one. But sorry, mate. I could look like the back end of a bus and I still wouldn't put up with your rubbish."

Josie tells new she felt John James used her Big Brother win against her during blazing rows once they'd moved in together in London.

"Every night he used to make me feel so guilty about winning the show," she says.

"I heard it a thousand times, 'The fact that you won is irrelevant.' Again and again, on repeat. In the end I was apologetic for winning the show. Now, looking back, I realise he was jealous of it.

"What should have been the most amazing time of my life was turned into the most miserable time because it got brought down by John James."

According to John, their relationship broke down during the filming of their reality show, There's Something About Josie, which saw a crew living with them around the clock.

"I think the TV show is what broke us in the end, which is when I left halfway through the series," he said.

But Josie tells new there’s more to that story than meets the eye.

"No, he broke us with his constant arguing, complaining and negativity," she says. "But like the manipulator and narcissist he is, there's always somebody else to blame, isn't there?

"The reason he kicked off about the show was because he was so angry it was called There's Something About Josie – he couldn't handle it. He said it should have his name in it because he was in the show too. I totally understand that, but I wouldn't care if it was called There's Something About John James."

Josie also says John would kick up a stink about her work.

"There were a lot of arguments because he would go mad if I was working too much," she claims. "When we got one magazine deal, they wanted to pay me more and him a little bit less – he went absolutely ballistic."

She adds that John eventually fled back to Australia as their relationship crumbled – but not before rubbing salt into her wounds.

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"He ran off, said he'd be back and then he turned on me," she explains. "He ran off with some size 8 bird and he was on Twitter with
all his friends taking the p**s out of how fat I was. I don't care now, but at the time it was really hurtful."

John James, who appeared on Love Island Australia in 2018, also told new there would be "fireworks" between him and Josie if they were ever in the same room together again.

"I think he's saying that because he's hoping he might get some more airtime on TV. It's as if he's trying to stoke the fire, 'Oh, imagine if John James and Josie were put on TV again together?'" Josie says. "Dream on, mate!"

But – and we have to ask – what does Josie think about John’s buffed up new look?

"I think John is a very good-looking bloke, but because I know him I think he's ugly," she responds. "And it's not about looks for me, it's about what they've got in their heart, their head and their approach to life.

"I think John has relied on his looks most of his life, but those looks are going to fade one day and he'll only be left with himself.
That sounds like a sad situation. But I hope he finds love and happiness because it might make him a nicer person. I wish him all the best – crack on."

Far from being hung up on ex-love John, Josie says the only man she has eyes for these days is her adorable son Reggie, who turns two in September.

"My love life is pretty much non-existent, but I'm happy about that because I've got the love of my life and his name's Reggie and he's the best thing," she explains. "He's very hyperactive and he's talking now. His favourite word is boobies! He's always been a boob man. That's why he loves going on Loose Women – he loves Nadia Sawalha. He snuggles up to her boobs!"

Josie also reveals to new that Reg's dad Terry, who had been staying with them during the coronavirus lockdown, is no longer living in the family home.

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"He's moved out now," she says. "I'm choosing to do it on my own for a little bit at the moment. My sisters help, I'm very lucky. I want to put all my efforts into being a mum. I want Reg to grow into something amazing, like a space engineer or something like that. I want him to excel.”

And with her hilarious appearances on This Morning proving popular with viewers, Josie is truly living her dream.

"They call me the Bridget Jones of This Morning," she admits with a laugh. "I cannot thank them enough. They've been the most amazing family. It's lovely to be part of something that's so special. I feel like I've been given a golden ticket."

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