Julia Sawalha likes savage messages branding sister Nadia a ‘bitter liar’

Nadia Sawalha and her sister Julia's very public falling out is showing no signs of stopping today.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress, 50, has liked a series of savage tweets about her sibling after slamming her on the platform earlier this week.

One tweet branded 54-year-old Nadia "bitter" and many accused the older sister of not telling the full truth.

Their feud kicked off when Nadia discussed their difficult history on Loose Women, saying they had a "really volatile relationship" and had gone through lengthy periods where they did not speak.

Julia hit back on Twitter accusing the mum-of-two of "destroying" their family.

Many of followers sent messages of support and she liked a few rather telling ones.

One that she liked read: "I knew deep down this was the case and I’m so proud that you did decide to bring this out publicly as it’s your right to do so. I’m thinking of you, and proud of how dignified you are xxx."

Another said: "Leave her to be bitter on tv & carry on with your life, behind the scenes, knowing what the truth is! The only people who need to know what’s what, is you & your nearest & dearest! Everyone else is insignificant!"

A third agreed: "The thing is what I’ve learnt with family is you can never compete with liars they just don’t have moral controls and trample over you."

Nadia got very emotional during Monday's Loose Women and appeared to choke up when talking about her sister.

As part of Loose Women's 20th anniversary, Nadia opened up on her life before joining the panel and discussed her 'stormy' relationship with Julia.

She said: "She is totally amazing. She's really amazing my younger sister but we've always had a really volatile relationship.

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