Justin Bieber Debuts Buzzcut After Shaving Off Controversial Dreadlocks

Less than a month after debuting his controversial dreadlocks on Instagram, Justin Bieber has unveiled a freshly-buzzed look.

In a post captioned ‘Happy Sunday,’ he can be seen sporting the newly-cropped style in a restaurant booth with wife Hailey. Biebers’ celeb mates complimented him on the ‘do, with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder commentingSHAAAAAAAVED BRUH 🖖”, and musician Tyler Cole writing “Shaved head szn 💕”.

Back in April, the Canadian singer prompted outrage on social media when he posted photos of his previous look, with fans and critics alike calling Biebs out for cultural appropriation.

At no point did Bieber directly address the controversy. In fact, he continued to wear his hair in dreadlocks throughout May – most recently at Kendall Jenner’s launch party for 818 Tequila on May 21 (who, incidentally, has been accused of cultural appropriation in relation to the brand’s campaign photoshoot).

“I think why people are annoyed with Justin Bieber casually wearing locs is that it’s seen as not respecting the origins of the style,” Irene Shelley, editor of Black Beauty and Hair magazine, told the Guardian. “People still face hair discrimination and stigma for their hair choice. … You can face discrimination by your employer or school. [Bieber] is seen as a dilettante, a person who’s dipping his toe in the culture, without any real commitment or knowledge of the style’s history.”

Did comments from his fans lead him to pick up the razor? That much remains unknown. However, this is certainly not the first time Biebs has been called out for his tone-deaf hairstyle choices, having sported cornrows back in 2016.

“Cultural appropriation is about the power dynamic,” said writer Feminista Jones, speaking to CNN at the time. “When people with power and privilege decide to ‘validate’ customs and traditions that oppressed people have long been marginalized for by saying, ‘This is the hot new thing,’ then we have serious problems.”

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