Justin Bieber “in the Hood?” For Some Reason Justin Was Hanging Out in South Central LA this Afternoon

Justin Bieber has been back in Los Angeles for the last few days after an extended holiday with his family in Orlando, Florida. And today started out like a pretty normal day for Justin in LA, when he and newlywed wife Hailey Baldwin were seen catching brunch at what has become their favorite spot for a midday meal, trendy Joan’s on Third in Studio City.

At the brunch, Justin was seen smiling with his arm around Hailey, as he wore a bright blue silk Toronto Maple Leafs jacket over Adidas sweats. For her part, Hailey wore a designer white leather jacket over a hoodie and black leather jeans.

But Justin’s clothing, company and surroundings had changed dramatically by the late afternoon. That’s when local residents of the South Central LA neighborhood of Watts, one of the poorest urban areas of the country, gathered to take cell phone videos and pics of Justin awkwardly hanging out near what appeared to be his stalled car.

From various videos and pics, it seems like Justin and his bodyguard were for some reason in the area, when Justin’s car ran into some trouble — though, in a few videos, Justin seems to be explaining to people that he had come to South Central just to ‘play some ball.’

After residents swarmed his pulled-over car, Justin eventually got out in a white tee and baggy basketball shorts; he was also wearing slippers with socks. Various videos show him awkwardly singing and taking pics with people; one person videoing the situation joked about what a shock it was to see a “white boy” like Justin hanging out in his neighborhood.

In another video, Justin gets down and starts doing pushups in his slippers, maybe reacting to a dare or a bet. In yet another, he seems to have taken off his shirt and found some bright orange sneakers to play basketball at a nearby court. In still other video clips, Justin was later seen playing some pickup soccer with another group of kids.

Overall, it appears to have been quite a full — if chaotic — afternoon for the “Sorry” singer.

There hasn’t yet been any concrete explanation from Justin or his team about what he was doing in South Central this afternoon. So perhaps the whole explanation really does revolve around a stalled car. Or it could be that Justin’s appearance was a PR stunt. On the other hand, it could have been some other reason else entirely.

Below we have various tweets, pics and videos from Justin’s visit to Watts this afternoon, as well as some pics on how he started his day with Hailey.

Why do you think Justin was hanging out in South Central LA this afternoon?

(Image source: Bieber Tracker Twitter account)

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