Justin Bieber Tattooed His Face In Honor Of His Wife

Justin Bieber seems to be going full court press on a new look for fall. And to that, some of us say “good on you, celebrity toddler” because he was starting to look like the bedraggled sort of strung-out street urchin that even Larry Clark wouldn’t cast in a movie. He recently shaved that bleach-streaked mop out of his eyes and off his head. And now he’s added a face tattoo to the mix. No, it doesn’t have his street address or Scooter Braun’s cell number in case someone finds him in a ditch. It’s a teeny little tattoo over his right eyebrow that is supposedly part of a couples tattoo scenario with his new wife Hailey Baldwin. At least that’s what Page Six is claiming. It could also be instructions for how to change his diaper. Stay tuned.

This is what the teeny tiny tattoo looks like:

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