Justin Timberlake Surprised Young Fans at a Children's Hospital, and the Photos Will Move You

Being a big-time celebrity isn’t always about the money and living a glamorous lifestyle; it’s also about using your platform to spread positivity. And that’s precisely what Justin Timberlake did on Jan. 18 when he stopped by the Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, TX, during his Man of the Woods Tour. The 37-year-old singer surprised a group of super fans in response to the hospital’s “JT See Me” video, in which young patients requested an appearance from the pop star.

In one video, Justin is shown walking through the facility and reflecting on the moment, saying, “It’s amazing. The kids are so strong, man. It’s inspirational.” He then posed with many of the children and staff members. One fan named Maria Lozoya even got to attend his concert the following day as a VIP guest with a front row seat, personal shout-out, and a limo escort.

The hospital also posted a sweet group photo on Facebook, adding, “We want to thank Justin Timberlake for visiting with our amazing kids and their families! We also want to say thank you to YOU! for helping make this possible by sharing and liking their video. #JTSawMe.” Evidently, this was a visit to remember for everyone.

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