Kailyn Lowry Reveals She’s ‘Going To Request Sperm’ From Exes For Baby #4

Well, that’s one way to do it! This ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has a few people in mind to father her next baby — her exes. Who’s at the top of her list?

Kailyn Lowry, 26, has three sons with three different dads — but she wants to pull from the same gene pool for her fourth! In a clip of the Teen Mom 2: Unseen Moments special, she revealed to Dr. Drew Pinsky that she wants to have “just one more” baby. When he asked if it would be with another dad, the reality TV star said, “F**k no! I’m going to request sperm from one of them.” Whoa! Once the dust settled from that major announcement, we were left with one big question — which ex? She has a son named Isaac, 8,with Jo Rivera, another named Lincoln, 4, with Javi Marroquin and, most recently, Lux, 1,with Chris Lopez. And while she didn’t announce which one she was talking about on air, we can make an educated guess.

First things first, let’s cross Javi off of the list. Considering he and his current girlfriend Lauren Comeau have a baby boy on the way, we highly doubt his new baby momma would be comfortable with him donating sperm to his old one. But hey, anything could happen! But we’d rather place our bets on the other two. After all, Jo and Kailyn ended up becoming close friends after their breakup — so close that they were seen hugging after they went to court over custody of their son. They even spent Halloween together last year, but with a wife and daughter, things might be too complicated for Jo to agree to this. So maybe Chris? He and Kailyn only welcomed their son a year ago, and the Teen Mom 2 star has admitted that he was her first real love.

Ding, ding, ding — we have a winner! Kailyn even admitted to it in a May podcast episode with Chelsea Houska. “I really want to write Chris a letter and request so that I have two full siblings.” We wonder if she’s popped the question yet!

Her mom, who also appeared on the TV special, had a very different idea for having baby number four, but it did involve all of Kailyn’s exes. “Just have one over every night,” she said. LOL, thanks mom!

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