Kaley Cuoco’s Birthday Surprise Is Spoiled By Jim Parsons

A well-meaning Jim Parsons botched his ‘Bang Bang Theory’ costar’s birthday surprise.

Birthday surprises can be hard to keep, and no one knows that better than Jim Parsons. The star of The Big Bang Theory managed to accidentally spill the beans on co-star Kaley Cuoco’s special birthday treat — in the sweetest way possible.

Entertainment Tonight revealed the whole, hilarious sequence of events. Cuoco, turns 33 on Saturday, was on set for the big day and the crew was keen to celebrate. In honor of her big day, a surprise cake was on hand and ready to go. And that’s when Parsons found it.

Eager to share the upcoming celebration with the world, Parsons decided to post to Instagram. His video featured a beautiful cake with light pink icing. It was decorated generously with rainbow sprinkles and read out ‘Happy Birthday Kaley’ in frosting. As if that wasn’t enough of a celebration, there were also plastic plates and a pink tablecloth on hand to round out the fun surprise. Unfortunately, before he shared the post to social media, Parsons opted to tag the birthday girl in his post.

Tons of Parsons’ Instagram followers quickly noted this turn of events and rushed to worn the actor of his fatal error. Comments quickly began to show up warning Parsons that if he didn’t take down the post immediately, Cuoco would receive a notification — and be in on her sweet surprise.

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Unfortunately, the internet is forever — and Jim Parsons didn’t move quickly enough to cover his goof. Just a few minutes after his initial birthday cake post, Parsons shared another image to social media. This one featured a decidedly not amused Cuoco holding her phone to the camera. On her phone was Jim Parsons’ poorly-timed post. The caption summed up the whole situation with just one word: “Oops.”

A lot of people would be seriously annoyed to have their birthday surprise so spectacularly spoiled, particularly in such a public way, but Cuoco quickly found the humor in the situation. Her serious expression contrasted with her comment to the post, which read “ON THE FLOOR.” It appears that Penny and Sheldon have no hard feelings between them.

Cuoco’s birthday adventures come as the cast and crew continues filming the final season of the hit CBS show. The enormously popular show has been running for 12 seasons. During that time it’s garnered 56 awards and 216 nominations — but the ability to keep a secret certainly won’t be an award Jim Parsons will be receiving any time soon.

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