Kanye Leaps To Chrissy Teigen’s Defense When Candace Owens Calls Her The ‘Most Hateful Person’

Kanye West may ‘love the way’ Candace Owen thinks, but that doesn’t mean she can diss his friends! Find out why Kanye stopped Candace from bashing Chrissy Teigen during his appearance on ‘TMZ Live’ on May 1!

Kanye West, 40, stirred social media into a frenzy when he admitted “I love the way Candace Owen thinks” in a Twitter rant last week. And although fans are pretty upset with the Chicago rapper, he may have redeemed himself when it comes to the conversation he and Candace had when he visited TMZ Live on Monday. Candace, who’s known for ultra right-wing political commentary, called Kanye’s support for Donald Trump a “unifying moment,” but things got a little tense when she took a jab at Kanye’s BFF John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen.

“I obviously saw the texts from John Legend, and he said, you know this is hate, this can be received as… whatever he said. The most hateful person that I’ve seen on the internet is Chrissy Teigen. What she says to Trump supporters, what she said to me before I even got a platform was disgusting,” Candace expressed. But, before she could continue, Kanye cut her off making it clear that his friends are off limits.

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Candace quickly responded. “I’m just saying, like… what he said, you know, love people that are your enemies. Love people that say really mean things to you. It made me feel better. It feels better to have this perspective and say, you know what, no matter what you say to me, I love you,” Candace said in reference to Kanye’s tweet, which encouraged fans to tell people “I love you more.” For those of you who don’t know, Chrissy and Candace got into a heated Twitter feud after Chrissy called Candace a “dumb f*ck” who “sucks the a** of the president.” Yikes!

And while many fans are still heated over Kanye’s suggestion that “slavery was a choice,” they all agree that sticking up for Chrissy was admirable. “Kanye might say some crazy sh*t, but he won’t let you talk shit! You see him cut off that girl on TMZ the minute she said @ChrissyTeigen name! Respek!” one fan tweeted. I mean Kanye doesn’t have a song called “Real Friends” for nothing.

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