Kanye West Cuts Off Call With Kim To Awkwardly Hug Paparazzi After Heartfelt Talk

Hold on babe, I’m hugging the paparazzi! Kanye West abruptly hangs up on Kim Kardashian to have an emotional life chat with a pap who got the whole strange exchange on tape!

Kanye West, 40, was a bit more calm during a stroll in Calabasas on May 1 than his explosive rants about slavery. Ye’ cut a call short with his wife, Kim Kardashian, 37, to have THIS WILD CHAT with a paparazzi. “Babe, lemme just call, lemme talk to you in person,” he said on speaker phone to Kim, who replied, “Ok bye.” That’s when the pap asked Ye’ if he’s “worried” about the recent threats he’s faced, allegedly from Daz Dillinger. Daz allegedly called upon Crips gang members to “f–k Kanye up” after the rapper recently pledged his support for President Donald Trump, 71, and even rocked a “Make America Great Again” hat.

“We love everybody and it’s all love really,” Ye replied before asking the pap for his name. The two then shook hands and made small talk. Ye’ asked if the pap had kids and if taking photos and videos was his way of providing for his family. That small exchange led to a much deeper conversation, only Ye would strike up while on a walk with a friend. “Do you get pissed off when people like try to down the paparazzi and stuff like that?” Ye’ asked. The pap then explained how it is sometimes “difficult.”

Ye offered up a personal story of his own. “When I first came out to LA, I didn’t have a family, so having a family gave me a whole new respect for the dads, bro,” he said before giving the pap a pep talk. “You out here feeding your family. You don’t feel like being out in Calabasas shooting somebody and asking questions like that and stuff,” he said. “But, you know, you actually have a really important role. And, I feel like your role is not respected, so like, everybody’s role in society is important.”

The pap then returned the favor, telling Ye’ that he understands the rapper has his “own way of thinking and everybody should respect that.” The photog continued, “People judge you by certain things you say, but I don’t feel enough like they respect that you have your own opinion and everybody else does too… And sometimes other people’s decisions get looked down upon by people that don’t even really interact with you.”

The pap’s support of Ye’ really made the rapper feel some type of way, because he leaned in and asked for a hug! “I really appreciate that,” Ye said before asking if the pap if he would “post the whole video of our interaction.” After the pap said he would post the video, Ye sealed the deal with his sweet embrace, after asking kindly, of course. “Do you mind if I give you a hug bro?” he inquired before adding, “It’s all love.”

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