Kanye West Gets Heat From Daz Dillinger On Relationship With POTUS, ‘I’m With You Master Trump’

Kanye West stirred the pot recently with his pro-President Donald Trump sentiments. In fact, people are so riled up that one West Coast rapper called for violence against the “Lift Yourself” rapper.

Daz Dillinger isn’t playing when it comes to his feelings on Yeezy’s love for the current POTUS. Complex reported that Dillinger recently posted two videos on social media, and in one he accused Kanye of jumping over to Trump’s side and telling all the “secrets” to “master Trump.” Apparently, the rapper doesn’t approve of that alleged sellout behavior. He insinuates that Yeezy doesn’t care about black people in general, which sounds an awful lot like when West proclaimed that George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people during a telethon after Hurricane Katrina.

TMZ reported, in the other video, he encouraged Crips gang members to mess Kanye up if they ever see him, and Dillinger warned the rapper to stay out of California, threatening him and comparing him to the character Samuel L. Jackson portrayed in Django Unchained.

Other rappers including Questlove, Janelle Monáe, and Nipsey Hussle criticized Yeezy for his support of Republican President Donald Trump but so far, the Dogg Pound rapper is the only one to attempt to incite violence over Kim Kardashian’s husband’s unorthodox views.


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Meanwhile, West trolled the internet (or maybe not) late last week by releasing an unusual song that seems to be unfinished, but it features a verse focused entirely on poop.

Just days ago, West urged his Twitter fans to tell somebody they hate they love them. Perhaps this method is something to try with Daz Dillinger. Will it make the rapper let Yeezy back into California? It’s tough to tell, but a little love never hurt anybody.

While West admitted he doesn’t support Trump 100 percent in everything the POTUS does, he does support him, and in that, Ye sees a sort of transcendence of racial equality as he explains in his latest track “Ye vs. the People,” which came hot on the heels of “Lift Yourself.”

Yeezy’s support of Trump may serve merely as a sign for black people that they can do anything that Donald Trump can do — even become president — because Kanye West said so. Who knows? Maybe he’ll make good on his plan to run in 2024. Obviously stranger things have happened.

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