Kanye West Takes To Twitter To Defend ‘Japanese’ Sandals

Never one to shy away from outrageous fashion choices, Kanye West took to Twitter to defend his latest style inspiration: ill-fitting sandals.

West garnered a loud reaction after he was first spotted wearing the sandals at rapper 2chainz’s wedding in Miami, matching the slides made by his signature Yeezy brand that appeared to be at least a size too small with a pastel-green Louis Vitton suit, along with a pair of socks for good measure.

West’s attempt to flip the universal fashion faux-pas of not only wearing socks and sandals but also wearing footwear that fits was almost universally shamed, with countless tweets decrying an artist that some have considered a fashion icon’s new style. The New York Post went so far as to title their article covering the photos, “Kanye rolls into wedding looking like mental hospital escapee.” Just another odd choice in a summer that has been full of them for West.

Even West’s wife Kim Kardashian got in on the action, mocking the rapper in an Instagram video.

“The real question is, do those fit?” Kardashian asked as she zoomed into a more casual version of the sandals that West was wearing. “That’s what everyone wants to know.”

West finally got on Twitter to explain the sandals, brushing aside the criticism and posting a photo of a diagram of the “Japanese way” to wear sandals.

The diagram encourages a loose fit around the toes and space for the heel to extend beyond the sole, as well as a subtle heel design. Perhaps West’s fashion choices have transcended Western culture and the mockery only makes clear the ignorance when it comes to understanding fashion. Or maybe not, the debate raged on with backlash rising about West posting about sandals at 7 a.m. in Los Angeles. That tweet was enough for West to make his point and was his only explanation.

That’s not to say that West wasn’t having some fun with the reaction his sandals got. Prior to his explanation, West tweeted a picture of a t-shirt made by the brand Diet Prada that was simply just an illustration of West’s feet in the sandals. Through a range of emojis, West made clear that he enjoyed the piece.

While West isn’t too big to have a laugh at himself, he’s also managed to laugh himself to the bank with his fashion designs, with his Yeezy apparel line valued at $1.5 billion. If you’re interested, his sandals are currently available for purchase, retailing at $150.

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