Kate Hudson Doing Prenatal Yoga to Help Her Deal With Morning Sickness

The ‘Almost Famous’ star also loves to take long walks, but has been taking it easy due to her pregnancy.

Kate Hudson has been taking walks and doing yoga to help banish morning sickness during her pregnancy. The “Almost Famous” star, 39, is expecting her third child, a girl, and says that she’s suffered more than when she was pregnant with her two sons.

“They say girls make you sicker and that, for me, has been the truth. It’s been interesting so far,” she tells People magazine.

Kate, a fitness fanatic who co-founded her own sportswear brand, Fabletics, has been looking after herself and her precious cargo by taking it easy – but has found taking long walks and prenatal yoga have helped her feel better.

“The stakes are higher because it is not about you anymore, it is about this other being growing inside of you, but right now she is kind of letting me know that we have to take it easy,” she explains. “So I’m doing a lot of walking, I’m doing some amazing prenatal yoga that I’m loving, which I’ve never done with my pregnancies. So this is a first and it’s been amazing, but slow and steady.”

Her active but easy-going approach to carrying her first child with boyfriend Danny Fujikawa has even given her some inspiration for a new Fabletics line, fitness gear for mothers-to-be.

Asked if she is planning to move into maternity wear, she adds, “I don’t know – our wheels are turning over in our design center right now but, you know, we never know, wink wink,” she says, hinting at the potential idea. “For me, my nature is to sort of push myself in everything, you know, how far can I take it.”

Kate and Danny got together in late 2016, two years after her split from her rock star ex-fiance Matthew Bellamy. She and Matt share a son together Bingham, six, and she also has another boy Ryder, 14, from her marriage to The Black Crowes‘ frontman Chris Robinson.

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