Kate Middleton Has A Big Scar On Her Face, And She Doesn’t Talk About Why

It’s above her left ear, just behind her hairline.

Kate Middleton has a large scar on her face, but you’ve almost certainly never noticed it – and that’s exactly what she, and her handlers in the Royal Family, want.

The Royal Family walks a very fine line. On the one hand, they must represent all of England’s achievements and accomplishments, and none of its shortcomings. As the living embodiment of centuries of British history, they must not reveal their flaws. But on the other hand, they are human beings: they have marriage fights (Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip once got in a very public one during a tour of Australia), they get sick (Kate Middleton’s battles with morning sickness were well-documents). And at least one of them has a scar.

You have, of course, likely never noticed the scar. That’s for two reasons: one, she tries valiantly to hide it, and two, unless you were specifically looking for it, you wouldn’t see it. It’s above her left ear, just behind her hairline.

If you look very closely at the image below, you can see it. Look at the top of her ear, and about an inch or so to your left. It’s vertical and goes about two or three inches towards the top of her head.

The scar was first noticed a few years ago, according to Marie Claire UK, and when the British celebrity gossip mill got to churning the rumor that gained the most traction was that she’d had wig extensions.

So persistent were the rumors that Kensington Palace was forced to do two things it rarely does: respond to rumors and give a personal detail about a member of the Royal Family. As for the rumor that it was wig extensions, the Palace denied it. And as for the personal detail, the Palace said that Kate’s scar was from a “childhood operation.”

The Palace, of course, didn’t specify when during her childhood the operation took place, or what the operation was for. Based on what is known about the Duchess, her childhood was not much different from that of any other upper-middle-class English girl. She was not known to have been terribly sick as a child (or if she was, it’s not public knowledge), nor is she known to have suffered any gruesome injuries.

Kate Middleton is not the only celebrity with a facial scar that they prefer not to talk about. Tina Fey also has a scar, under the left side of her lip. For most of her career, she refused to discuss it, but in 2009 Vanity Fair revealed that she was slashed in the face by a knife-wielding stranger when she was five years old.

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