Kate Middleton's Gucci blouse, oversized flares and croc print bag might be her most exciting outfit in years

Kate Middleton is nothing if not predictable and it’s this consistency that is part of her enduring appeal.

But Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge jumped miles away from her comfort zone in a purple silk pussybow blouse by Gucci and a pair of high-waisted Jigsaw trousers – a bold move considering it’s news when she wears trousers of any kind. She debuted the oversized flares in Cyprus last year, a marked departure from her uniform of pleated skirt skirts and coat dresses and an indication she’s taking more than a little influence from Meghan Markle’s style. instead of her preferred clutch, she recycled an Aspinal of London bag – the vintage style croc print leather bag with a top handle, another nod to some Meghan influence.

She was the guest of honour at the Henry Fawcett Centre in Kensington, London, this morning to learn about the work done by local organisations to support young children and their families. This unusual personal style choice can be put down to any number of reasons – the first being that her normal stylist Natasha Archer is on maternity leave and she’s taking the time to experiment, the second that she is sending a message of unity with her beleaguered sister-in-law through fashion.

Given that royals are often seen and not heard, they use their clothing choices to send a message: Meghan prefers championing brands with an ethical message and Kate, as future queen consort, wears nearly exclusively British labels, but Kate, who is rarely criticised after so many years of adjusting to life in the royal fishbowl, is legitimising the styles Meghan has adopted and it’s these subtle choices that could quell persistent reports that Meghan is disruptive to royal protocol.

She has been criticised for dressing too casually at times, with a particular appreciation for flared jeans, something which Kate has taken note of.

Later this evening, it will be a quick change to the the Portrait Gala 2019 where she will meet members of the gallery’s Youth Forum and view artwork produced by some of the National Portrait Gallery’s outreach programmes.

It is the third gala she has attended and will raise money to support the gallery’s work.

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