Katherine Ryan Strictly: Katherine reveals her Strictly favourite so far

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Strictly Come Dancing returned to our screens last weekend as the celebrities took to the dance floor. Katherine Ryan, while talking as part of the taste-bud training campaign with Gousto, opened up on all things Strictly to Express.co.uk.

With the latest series of Strictly back on our screens, Express.co.uk spoke to Katherine Ryan about if she has ever considered joining the show.

The comedian said: “No, not yet because I feel like athletically speaking I am too lazy.

“I will work hard when it comes to writing a show or touring. I love doing that, but I don’t know that I could put [it] in.

“Because a lot of my friends including Chris Ramsey have done Strictly before, I know how much physical work it is and I just think I would hurt myself.

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“And I understand what an undertaking it is. But I have moved pretty close to the Strictly studio, so that’s the only thing that tempts me.

“I mean they are just down the road… I have offered Clara Amfo if she ever needs some time away from her professional, we have got a spare room for her, she can come down the road.

“I’ll pick her up like a mum, and she can come and stay here.

“But I don’t want to be icing my knees and stuff you know?

“I have spoken with Oti Mabuse about the feet in buckets of ice and I just don’t have that physical strength.”

Talking of the show, Katherine revealed while she is yet to watch the latest series, she does want to tune in along with the nation.

She added: “I need to get into it because I think it’s lovely to sit down with the nation and watch event television at the same time.

“I watched some clips, and I love Clara, so obviously I watched her clip, but I’m going to try and watch with the nation this weekend.”

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Katherine went on to talk of how Clara is one of her favourites from the series.

She said: “Absolutely as a human being I love Clara.  As a dancer I thought she blew me away if I had any criticism, it’s that she did too well for dance one.

“I think you want to go in low and give yourself a little poker face, you know a little room for improvement, take a dive on your first dance.

“Don’t be the worst, don’t be the best, but she was so good she was amazing week one, so I can wait to see where she ascends to from here.”

Katherine later spoke of how if she appeared on the show she would love to follow in the footsteps of Nicola Adams and Katya Jones in a same-sex pairing.

She said: “I would only do a same-sex partnership. Oti Mabuse is my favourite. I would insist upon dancing with Oti.

“You know its dangerous when you dance with the men if you are heterosexual because people seem to fall in love all the time and now I’m married so I would be a prime target for the Strictly curse.”

She added jokingly: “And it’s too soon to cheat on my husband.”

Elsewhere Katherine is an ambassador for the new taste-bud training campaign for recipe box company Gousto.

Talking of the campaign, she said: “My husband and I are long time subscribers to Gousto, and we just love having all the surprises and different recipes to cook at home, because of course we have been at home so much.

“It’s truly restaurant quality and even when we forget to order what we want they will send you a surprise and sometimes it’s daunting, and I go ‘oh I don’t think I like that’ and I always 100% of the time love it.”

Strictly Come Dancing will continue tonight on BBC One at 7.10pm.

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