Katherine Schwarzenegger: 5 Things To Know About Arnold’s Daughter Spotted Out With Chris Pratt

You may recognize Katherine Schwarzenegger because she’s Arnold’s daughter, but, she was also just spotted on a picnic date with Chris Pratt! Find out all you need to know about his possible new love!

Katherine Schwarzenegger has grown up in the Hollywood limelight her whole life, as the daughter of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger! However, the college-educated 28-year-old has an impressive career and also, potentially, a new love interest, so we must learn more about her! The oldest of four, Katherine is a dog lover and author with a best-selling title, and she may not be single any longer! The author was just spotted out and about with recently-separated actor Chris Pratt, 38, and they could be the cutest new couple in Hollywood! Here’s some things to know about Katherine!

1. Katherine published her first book,  Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back, in 2010.
Katherine’s book, Rock What You’ve Got detailed her personal journey to achieving self-confidence and a positive body-image, in hopes to encourage others to do the same. While some took issue with the fact that they felt Katherine lived a “privileged” life and no one could relate, others called the book “empowering” and helpful.

2. Katherine Schwarzenegger is the great-niece of President John F. Kennedy.
Katherine’s mother, broadcast journalist Maria Shriver, was born to Eunice Kennedy, the younger sister of JFK, which gives her the relation to the Kennedy family.

3. Katherine wrote another book after graduating from college.
After attending the Annenberg School for Communications and Journalism at University of Southern California, Katherine graduated in 2012 and was unsure of what to do. She sought advice from a number of her parents’ connections in several industries and compiled them into a book she published in 2014 — I Just Graduated . . . Now What? It was marketed as a “survival guide” for recent grads.

4. Katherine has a blog where she writes about all things, from animals to food recipes.
Katherine’s website, KatherineSchwarzenegger.com, is a gorgeous, up to date blog where she writes about food, animals, fashion, shopping, health and empowering women. In her bio, she writes that through her blog, she wants to “use my voice for positive change.” Many of her animal posts detail how to adopt and rescue dogs across the country.

5. Most recently, Katherine published her first children’s book titled “Maverick & Me.”
Katherine’s 2017 children’s book Maverick and Me details how she rescued and adopted her furry friend Maverick. She attempted to just foster the dog, but ultimately fell in love with him and decided to raise him, herself. She turned their love story into an adorable book to show the benefits of adopting a dog.

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