Katie Price Forced to close fashion business after making £13 profit

Katie Price is facing more money troubles as her clothing company KP boutique has been forced to close down after having almost nothing left in the company account.

The former glamour model recently managed to dodge filing for bankruptcy after being given an extension last month but is having to make cuts elsewhere.

Her loungewear company has filed to be struck off and dissolved after allegedly making a profit of just £13.

At the height of her career the mum of five, 40, was reportedly worth £40 million but is now selling all her assets off to avoid bankruptcy including her £2 millon Sussex mansion and famous pink horse box.


Poor Pricey can’t seem to catch a break as this blow comes just days after she was seen being pulled over AGAIN by the police.

Witnesses told the Mail Online Katie was stopped by police to check her license following a recent drink drive ban.


She allegedly refused to get out of the bright pink Range Rover and argued with the officers.

One witness claimed she looked upset by the incident but was later allowed to drive on after the officers verified she was legally allowed to be behind the wheel.

The second car incident comes just weeks after she spent the night at Plumstead police station following an arrest for drink driving.

She crashed her £75,000 Range Rover in to a stationary VW before swerving into a bush.

Witness Alena Traczyk, 39, told The Sun: ‘I saw a pink Range Rover swerving into the car park. It paused for a minute, the light came on inside the car and I saw a woman gesticulating wildly.

‘Then the car sped away, straight into a bush,’ they added.

Words by Leanne Carr

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