Katie Price has ’lost feeling in her face’ after too many face lifts in Turkey

It’s no secret that Katie Price is partial to the odd cosmetic surgery procedure, but it seems like she may have finally overdone it as she’s ‘losing feeling’ in her face.

After two recent surgeries in Turkey, those close to her have revealed that Katie has now been left with ‘numb cheeks.’

“Katie is telling friends she can’t feel her own face and it is quite shocking,” a source explained.


“She’s essentially got so much scar tissue building up from the multiple surgeries that her muscles and nerves in her right cheek are struggling to heal.

“Now she’s complaining that the right side of her face has less feeling than her left. “But she is telling concerned friends that it is apparently common when you’ve had multiple surgeries.”

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“However, the her face-lifts were so close together that the risk of this happening was high. In England they would not have touched her.”

Katie has had three face lifts in the last two years.

In 2017, she went to a London-based sugeon for a silhouette face lift.

Then in May this year, she flew to Turkey for a second face lift, which was documented on her reality show, My Crazy Life.

In August, she flew out to Turkey again for face lift number three, as well as a bum lift reversal.

Katie admitted earlier this year that she can have surgery for free.

She even managed to get a half price nose job fo her boyfriend, Kris Boyson.

And back in May, Katie was asked by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain what was wrong with looking natural, and she said, “Well, there’s a menu. I can have surgery for nothing.”

Maybe it’s time to stop, Katie!

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