Katie Price opens up on her unbreakable bond with son Harvey as she looks back on her favourite moments of his life

Despite the many twists and turns in her life, Katie Price's kids have remained her first priority.

While Katie is equally devoted to all her children (she shares Junior, 15 this week, and Princess, 12, with her first husband Peter Andre, and Jett, six, and Bunny, five, with her third husband Kieran Hayler), her firstborn son Harvey's needs are the most complex.

Harvey, who recently celebrated his 18th birthday, was born partially blind and also suffers from autism, ADHD and the genetic condition Prader-Willi syndrome.

But the pair share an unbreakable bond. "He will always be my man cub and just wants cuddles from me on the sofa," Katie tells OK! during our exclusive shoot.

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Katie, 42, is fiercely protective of Harvey and has been campaigning since 2017 for Harvey’s Law to be introduced, which would make online abuse of disabled people a criminal offence.

Harvey’s biological dad, former footballer Dwight Yorke, has never been in the picture, so Katie has been the only enduring relationship in his life.

"He’s the only child that no one can ever try to take away from me. The others have their dads, but it’s reassuring for me that he’s always by my side," she insists.

Here, the star looks back on some of the biggest milestones over Harvey's 18 years and how the pair have grown together as mother and son…

"This was my first ever shoot with Harvey and it was for OK! It was a very proud mummy moment for me. Look how young I am! Harvey was such a good baby.

"I remember the day he was born. It was perfect. I just remember his gorgeous lips. I never could have imagined what was coming, with all his complex needs. I didn’t find out he was blind until he was six weeks old and gradually, over the years, we’ve discovered more conditions. But he has taught me never to give up in life, because he never gives up."

"Harvey is a teenager in this photo and experimenting with his look. This is his version of a Mohawk!

"I’m so proud of the man he’s become. He has such good banter and is so funny. He’s definitely an entertainer. He takes after me."

"This is Harvey and I at a Halloween party I threw at our old house about six years ago! Harvey looks great in this photo.

"Just because Harvey has complex needs, I don’t treat him any differently. I still make him empty the dishwasher and make his bed."

"I'm so proud of my Harvey for designing his own t-shirts to raise money for the NHS during the coronavirus crisis. To date, he's raised over £13,000.

"I do think Harvey was sent to me for a reason. I’ve always had a caring side and wanted to look after someone. Sometimes I think it was meant to be. "

"I love this picture of Harvey and my mum Amy. He's her first grandson and it's a beautiful, unconditional love that she has for him.

"I woke up on his birthday thinking: 'Oh my God, where have the last 18 years gone?' It literally feels like only a year or two ago that I took him to his first day at school. It’s crazy how much has happened in that time. In some ways I wish my kids could all stay little."

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"This photo captures happy times when we went to Turkey together last summer. Harvey would spend all day in the swimming pool if he could!

"He's such a water baby, unlike me. When my hair gets wet it goes all frizzy so I don't like it so much!"

"Through everything, Harvey has been with me. TV appearances too! He's my supporter, my son and my best friend.

"I believe he's my guardian angel and nothing will ever come between us."

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