Katie Price predicted downfall years ago as she claimed someone had ‘cursed’ her

Katie Price appears to have predicted her own downfall years ago.

In this unearthed clip from her 2007 reality show, Katie and Peter: The Baby Diaries, the former glamour model is seen telling her then-husband Peter Andre that she believes she’s been cursed.

Katie, who has attracted a lot of controversy lately, was pregnant with Princess at the time when she said she believed someone had put a hex on her or her son Harvey, who was then five.

Harvey, who called Pete "daddy", had been in hospital for treatment for injuries he sustained in an accident when a mirror fell on him.

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After bringing Harvey home from hospital, Peter takes him upstairs to play before joining his wife back downstairs.

Sitting around the kitchen table talking to Peter and her then-manager, Katie says: "I feel like I’ve been cursed, okay? Or Harvey’s been cursed."

Peter jumps in: "If you believe that then you’ve obviously been blessed too."

But Katie insists: "I reckon someone has cursed Harvey and put me to the test every time, to push to see how far they can push me emotionally, must be!"

Peter tells her: "Do you know what I thought the other day though? I think it’s this house, I do for some reason.

"If you think, we’ve had the forensics here, Becky had an accident before Christmas, the security guard had an accident before Christmas, Junior was really sick, limp on Christmas Day, I was absolutely terrible on Boxing Day, I haven’t stopped getting colds and flus in here.

"I know it’s just coincidence every time but you start thinking, Harvey’s accident, New Year’s Eve, which took us to February, March, and then I got the meningitis, then she [Katie] had a serious problem, and now this.

"The forensics that came, there was something else that happened as well. I’ve counted about 10 things in a period of six months."

Katie’s run of bad luck seemed to continue long after this.

She’s been unlucky in love and has had a further two marriages break down since her relationship with Peter ended.

And lately, she’s been shrouded in controversy.

Her children Junior, 13, and Princess, 11, have been living with their dad Peter for a while now, and he says he’s been working hard to keep them away from any negativity with all that’s been going on.

After splitting from boyfriend Kris Boyson, who she started dating after the breakdown of her marriage to Kieran Hayler, Katie has been pictured groping the bum of her new man, 25-year-old Alex Adderson and caught on video apparently rapping about her love of cocaine.

The former glamour model, who narrowly avoided bankruptcy at a recent court hearing, has also faced criticism for missing her kids’ first day at school while she partied with her new fella in Mallorca drinking £350 bottles of champagne, in what pals say she described as the "best week of her life".

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